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Our fabrics are sourced from only a handful of mills across the world. We work closely with our partner mills, to refine and innovate our fabric offering. The fabulous thing about fabric is that it's widely accessible in many different colours, patterns and designs, but have you considered what material will be best suited to the project you'd like to undertake? Cotton seems to be the most common material used in stitch craft - but what else can you expect to find? Here, we take a look at the different materials you could base your sewing projects on, describing their qualities. We use the material like cotton, denim, felt, fleece, polyester, rayon, satin, silk and velvet.



We are the exclusive dealer of shirt and pants of English Colours and others are our own. We present highly durable range of Men’s garments, which is available in various sizes such as small, medium, large, XL, XXL. The manufacturing is supported by a woven fabrics factory where quality aspects are adhered to very strictly.

Indian ethnicity is characterized by exquisite embroideries, beautiful bright colours and rich brocade and you can imagine when the best of all would be combined the resultant would be simply amazing, isn't it? Today ethnic clothing for men has definitely not been able to make its way to the boardrooms but yes a place where they are truly boasting of their presence indeed.



We have got both fashion designers and cloth designers who possess the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place. Our clothing designers serve as the more practical side of the fashion world. They blend a multiple of things focusing on areas related to the following by: Conforming to the brand identity of our clothing manufacturing. Creating affordable looks that fit the budget of a mainstream consumer population. Utilizing design materials that are both durable and attractive. Taking all body types into consideration with design features. Creating designs that are suitable for mass production.

The designers we have study consumer trends, create sketches and prototypes and present their concepts to decision makers. They also participate in trade shows, collaborate with other professionals in their field and strive to find creative and inventive ways to create desirable looks for even the most budget-conscious consumers.



We understand that your clothes are an investment in your life and career. Not only do they make you feel more comfortable, your clothes can enhance your appearance and improve your confidence and performance. For this reason, we take pride in the garments we create and sell to you, our valued customer. And we stand behind our clothing 100%.

Our tailor-made clothing is handcrafted by master tailors at our location.

Our master tailors are artisans in the industry, ensuring that every suit, jacket, shirt and article of clothing they make looks stylish, fits properly and wears well for every occasion.

Men In Q tailored garment is measured using standard techniques and can be personalised down to the smallest detail.


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